The ROMANIAN JOURNAL OF BIOPHYSICS, founded in 1991, is a publication of the ROMANIAN SOCIETY OF PURE AND APPLIED BIOPHYSICS (RSPAB). It is a quarterly journal (one volume a year), with a total average number of pages of 400 yearly.

The journal publishes original contributions, both experimental and theoretical, topical reviews with authors’ contributions, notes, in the field of pure and applied biophysics and related domains, book reviews, symposia reports, Curriculum vitae of personalities in biophysics research, from Romania and abroad, and information concerning the activity of RSPAB. It publishes also special issues with the proceedings of national and international conferences held in Romania. All manuscripts are processed by the editorial board according with the recommendations of the International Committee of Medical Journals Editors (

The journal is addressed to biophysicists and other specialists interested in biophysical research, teaching and techniques.